Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Properly Defining "Sea Change"

The phrase sea change is tossed around with reckless disregard by the media.  Everything and anything that is new or different is labeled as a sea change.

The release of a new iPhone model is not a sea change.
Carmelo Anthony joining the Knick is not a sea change.
Republicans winning more seats in Minnesota's state senate is not a sea change.

A few day span featuring protesters revolting, air force pilots defecting to Malta, ambassadors resigning, defense and interior ministers switching sides, cities falling, and the potential end of 42 years of tyrannical rule in the Libya?  Sea change, in the southern Mediterranean.

Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi's recent antics have been of typical fashion--ranging from the maniacal to the diabolical.  Lunatic rantings about how Egyptians were coming to steal petroleum; that the youth had been given hallucination pills to turn against him; to sending French-made Mirage jets to strafe residential neighborhoods in Tripoli.  He's pulling out all the stops to hold on to his quickly evaporating power.

Gaddafi plans to make the inevitable end of his reign as bloody as possible, vowing to fight to the very end.  His hiired thugs are roaming the streets and sub-Saharan African mercenaries are reportedly on killing sprees [see prior post for story on Bahraini mercenaries].  The following days for Libya are likely to be both chaotic and deadly--with the distinct possibility of a violent ouster of the despot who once allegedly plotted to kill the King of Saudi Arabia.  This indeed qualifies as a sea change.  AT&T's offering of free mobile-to-mobile minutes, does not.

Correction:  Updated reports describe the Libyan jets that defected to Malta as MiG-23s, not Mirages.

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